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Paul Delaroche - Saint Cecilia and the Angels 1836

William Davis - Greyhound

William Henry Davis 1822

Arthur Henry Davis - View of Blackwater Ferry on the River Stour, Dorset

Arthur Henry Davis - Ibsley near Ringwood

Early timetable for the London to Dover Railway

LS Lowry works expected to fetch £370,000

Marshall Claxton - The soldiers return [Sale]

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Covent Garden Labourers

Alfred R. Waud - Railroad Building on the Great Plains, from 'Harper's Weekly', 17th July 1875

Thomas Sidney Cooper - Clearing the Wood for the Iron Way, 1880

Lionel Walden - The Steelworks, Cardiff at Night, 1893-97

Richard Dadd: Masterpieces of the asylum

Richard Dadd's art flourished during his years incarcerated in bleak Victorian institutions for the murder of his father. Arifa Akbar reports.

'The Demon Box' will be staged at the Finborough Theatre, London SW10 (020 7244 7439) to 1 October. 'Richard Dadd: the Artist and the Asylum' by Nicholas Tromans is published by Tate Publishing. An exhibition of Richard Dadd's work from the Bethlem Royal Hospital Collection runs at the Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham (020 8831 6000) to 2 October



Part of the Fine Arts Court


This display includes examples of both secular and religious virtuoso carving. It is centred around an ornamental neo-Gothic font that was probably made by J. Castle of Oxford. The pair of mounted jug-shaped vases flanking the Crucifixion are by a London manufacturer called Egisippo Norchi.

William Arthur Breakspeare - Young lovers [Sale]

Room 87: Constable, Turner & the Exhibition Landscape

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Joseph Wrightson MacIntyre - A View of Sheffield from Psalter Lane

William MacBride - Sheep Dipping, River Dee, Kirkcudbright c. 1907

Tom Mostyn - Picnicking Along the Thames [Sale]

Oliver Clare - Still Life of Flowers [Sale]

Part of the French Court


Garnet Ruskin Wolseley - Portrait of Phyllis Calvert [Sale]

Lord Leighton's Frescoes



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Robert Walker MacBeth - Study for 'The Opening of the Royal Exchange by Queen Victoria, 1844' c. 1891

Robert Walker MacBeth - Late for the Ferry, King's Lynn, Norfolk 1881

Alfred de Breanski - An Autumn Morning, Hurley Reach [Sale]

Alfred de Breanski - Fladbury Lock on the Avon, Worcestershire [Sale]

View in the West Nave


The large cross was designed and sculpted by the Hon. Harriet M. Ross of Rosstrevor, Ireland. It depicts scenes from the New Testament, including the Crucifixion in the centre and the Resurrection at the top. The polygonal glazed display case to the right belonged to Spiers & Son of Oxford. It contained objects and furniture made of papier mâché.

Primrose Court - Newlyn - 1906

Room 82: The Sheepshanks Collection


Julius Olsson - Winter Gale on the Cornish Coast

John Singer Sargent The Artist's technique and materials Jacqueline Ridge and Joyce Townsend


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Thomas Davidson - A Star in the East

Robin Darwin - Camouflaging a New Flight Shed 1941

Edward Thomas Daniell - Back River, Norwich (View at Hellesdon)

John Dalby - A White Horse with Dappled Legs Standing in a Stable 1849

Fresh Pilchards - Newlyn - 1906

Stanhope Alexander Forbes - The Picture Book, 1924

Samuel Luke Fildes picture

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Ernest Dade - Off Scarbro' 1897

Ernest Dade - A Convoy Passing Whitby High Lights c. 1919

Susan Isabel Dacre - The Roofs of Perugia, Italy 1911

Robert Ponsonby Staples - Edward Carson, 1st Baron Carson

chalk, 1898



Known as the "barefoot baronet", he refused to wear shoes as he believed that leather soles would block out the natural electricity exuded by the earth and thus impair the health. Rubber soles he considered “absolute suicide”. He would travel to Belfast solely to walk on the tramlines as he believed this extra boost of electricity would be especially beneficial.

William A Menzies - Before the Masters of her art 1887

Century-old mystery of stained glass windows that inspired Vincent van Gogh solved as they are located in Hampshire church

The location of two stained glass windows that inspired Vincent van Gogh has baffled historians for almost 150 years.

Experts have been intrigued ever since the post-impressionist painter wrote about seeing their designs in London in 1876.

For more than a century, no-one had a clue which windows he was referring to but now an art historian has finally traced them to a remote village in Hampshire.

After a bit of detective work, Max Donnelly found the two, foot-feet high windows to St Andrew's church in Owslebury near Winchester.

The windows were commissioned by the Earl of Northesk to show his wife and daughter who both pre-deceased him.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029973/Century-old-mystery-stained-glass-windows-inspired-van-Gogh-solved-located-Hampshire-church.html#ixzz1W8PJcORc

Martyn R. Mackrill - A Freshening Breeze


Liverpool Lord St Circa 1900

Oh well - if at first ...

Mixing different periods on the this my main blog seemed like a good idea but is confusing the hell out of me, if no-one else. I've just acquired several hundred new Newlyn/British Impressionist pictures in addition to the pile I already have of Victorian/Edwardian. I guess the first idea I had of making separate blogs makes more sense. It gives viewers a better choice and stops me posting to this blog every few hours.

I will be making a few minor changes in that I will be adding more pictures from new catalogues I've bought that often aren't on the net. Though I'm not in the trade I do regularly check the main dealers and auctions and want to highlight more pictures for sale that others might be interested in. I also want to include posts on artists biographies and technical details. I hope in time to add more detailed separate 'catalogues' on the main artists I personally research.

My health is still pretty awful but since I can't go out much I will try to keep these blogs up as long as I can. Who knows I may get better!

I do welcome comments and will try to help with queries and valuations when I can - but bear in mind I am only an interested amateur. I'm retired now but regret not buying more pictures when I was younger. But I was busy flying all over the world and it didn't seem so important then.

Walter Bonner Gash - The New Book

Camden Town and Beyond

[Charles Ginner

Piccadilly Circus 1912]








Frank Bodilly - Mending Father's Nets

Sir James Guthrie - Artist & Leading Light of the 'Glasgow Boys' movement